DIY Angry Birds Yard Game For Kids

angry birds
DIY angry birds yard game for kids! If you have read our blog, you know that we love Angry Birds, and we have a few articles we wrote about them. You can find one of them here! In fact, that article is about an indoor...
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DIY Girls Play Kitchen

girls play kitchen
DIY girls play kitchen. I have to admit that I wish I would have ran across this idea when my girls were little. This is one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time. Not to mention, I am an addict of...
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Rustic Boys Bedroom

boys bedroom decorating
Rustic boys bedroom! If you love to decorate your home, camp or summer cottage in a rustic theme and have boys, then you need to pay attention to this article. We have searched the internet for some of the most amazing rustic boys bedroom ideas,...
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52 Weeks of Family Night

board games
52 weeks of family night. In today’s busy and crazy world, many families don’t spend nearly as much quality time together as they should. You know the routine; the kids go to school, you go to work, then it’s sports practice, dance classes, you name...
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Cool Science Game for Kids

kids games
Cool Science Game for Kids – Are you looking for a cool science game for your kids? Maybe, your kids are bored and they need something to occupy them so you can get a few things done around the house? Hey, maybe you want to...
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Homemade Gummi Worms

gummi worms
Homemade gummi worms for kids. Okay moms and dads, how many of you spend money on gummi worms for your kids every time you go to the store? Kids love their gummi worms (hey, even us parents love gummi worms) so why not learn how...
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DIY Kids Indoor Play Idea

DIY Kids indoor play idea. How many times do you hear in a day that your kid or kids are bored? I mean, every parent has to go through this right? I surly can’t be the only one! Gosh, I hope not! If you hear...
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101 Free Things To Do With Kids

activities for kids
101 free things to do with kids! Listen up parents, how many times do you hear your kid say that he or she is bored, and you want to do something with them but you financially don’t have a lot of money to spend on...
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DIY Girls Dollhouse

doll house
DIY girls dollhouse. When you were a young girl, did you have a dollhouse? Chances are that you did. I know I did. Heck, I even made dollhouses out of cardboard! Today, there are so many ways to make dollhouses for kids. If you have...
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